#include <dlib / pixel.h>

    template <
        typename P1,
        typename P2  
    inline void assign_pixel (
        P1& dest,
        const P2& src
            - pixel_traits<P1> must be defined
            - pixel_traits<P2> must be defined
            - if (P1 and P2 are the same type of pixel) then
                - simply copies the value of src into dest.  In other words,
                  dest will be identical to src after this function returns.
            - else if (P1 and P2 are not the same type of pixel) then
                - assigns pixel src to pixel dest and does any necessary color space
                - When converting from a grayscale color space with more than 255 values the
                  pixel intensity is saturated at pixel_traits<P1>::max() or pixel_traits<P1>::min()
                  as appropriate.
                - if (the dest pixel has an alpha channel and the src pixel doesn't) then
                    - #dest.alpha == 255 
                - else if (the src pixel has an alpha channel but the dest pixel doesn't) then
                    - #dest == the original dest value blended with the src value according
                      to the alpha channel in src.  
                      (i.e.  #dest == src*(alpha/255) + dest*(1-alpha/255))

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